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Launching any new product in our media saturated world can be challenging enough. On top of that, communicating an entirely new technology to an unsuspecting marketplace comes with its own set of unique challenges. To be successful BAKER needed to walk a fine strategic line between clearly articulating the benefits, innovation and effectiveness behind the NeuroShield collar while maintaining a stylistically simple approach that appealed to both athletes and parents alike.


As part of the BAKER process, visual platforms were developed to establish strategically rich territories for the brand identity to embody. The goal was to develop something unique, premium, disruptive and telegraphic that blended scientific and athletic achievement into a singular united aesthetic.

Using the visual platforms as a guide, BAKER explored master brand identities from concept to conclusion. Targeting male and female hockey players ages 12+, and leveraging Bauer as a maker’s mark, the resulting mix of visual assets were chosen for their ability to attract both genders, while signaling safety through clinical ingenuity. In addition, because no product like this had ever existed before, BAKER was tasked with exploring a range of product descriptors (statement of identities) that would succinctly convey the category convention for the future, ultimately landing on “Sports Safety Collar” as the winning solution.


Working in tandem during the brand identity exploration, our team labored tenatiously to ensure that every touchpoint of the product and packaging lived up to the hype. Inspired in structure by the iconic brandmark, the final design of the collar’s carrying case creates a high performance product experience that holds true “badge value” for the athlete while the outer packaging system is encoded with premium cues that echo brand equities in every element. The design also allows for effective sealing and date-coding since this launched as a class 1 medical device in Canada.


Building brand beyond the box, BAKER worked tirelessly to craft a truly integrated introductory experience. Once packaging was set our next task was educating consumers in a way that both delighted and informed. To help achieve this a versatile range of displays and informational graphics were developed that visually expanded upon the assets of the NeuroShield brand.

Following the successful launch of the Neuroshield brand in Canada, the protective device has been showing up quietly amongst the ranks of professional athletes. Most notably, NFL players who have struggled with head traumas in their past like Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly and Washington Redskins tight end Vernon Davis who began wearing versions of the NeuroShield collar during the 2017 NFL season.

And from any given Sunday to Friday night lights, gridirons across America have quickly been learning the benefits of the NeuroShield device. Most notably Saint Xavier High School in Cincinnati, Ohio (Alma Mater of afformentioned NFL star Luke Kuechly) has been clincially testing the device in partnership with Cincinnati Children’s.

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