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Redefining a Game Changer
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When the biggest name in hockey skated through the BAKER doors looking for opportunities to optimize their on shelf presence, we knew we had to be on top of our game. From the board room to the back room, BAKER teamed up with Bauer, to elevate their premium experience and keep the tough competition in check.


Differentiating by design, a 3-tier pricing strategy executed across each of the brand’s 3 subbrands allowed all lines to play to their strengths, while still holding together as a solitary force with a common goal in mind – win at any price point. Each line in the Bauer portfolio is designed specifically to fit the distinct needs of 3 very different types of skaters. By stepping back and evaluating the strengths of each subline Baker was able to help define the mentality of each skater and infuse that thinking into the identities of the subbrands themselves.


From bottom line to blue line, every branding element was in play, as the game-changing technology called for an innovative, 360° approach to packaging design. To unify a dizzying array of products the entire line of Bauer gear now sports a signature Bauer black with a powerfully dynamic sweep while elements of foil and varnish make a variety of price points shine. The final result – an icy cool redesign that outscores the competition on every level.



Once the core of the Bauer brand equities had been tested and articulated Baker set to work extending the new identity to an extensive range of products. From skates to helmets, hang tags to equipment bags every touchpoint was carefully considered to unify the Bauer team of products under one look. Interviews conducted by Baker early in the design process paid dividends in the final production phases simplifying the shopping experience for both consumers and sporting goods store owners alike.


Following the successful repositioning of their core branded products, Bauer has continued to partner with the Baker team, extending their newfound winning formula beyond the bounds of the traditional ice rink. By exploring new avenues and taking it to the streets, Bauer has integrated a cohesive visual identity that can now not only compete against, but conquer any opponent that attempts to invade their territory.


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