Alpine Valley

Flowers Foods / Alpine Valley Organic Bread

Alpine Valley was a small, USDA Certified Organic bread with local coop roots before its acquisition by Flowers Foods.

Its secret ingredient is organic light amber honey, unlike other organic breads that taste like cardboard, Alpine Valley has a sweet, chewy flavor – perfect for the entire family. It had a loyal following in the Southwest, but the brand’s promise and visual identity was lost in larger national chains and Costco.

BAKER gave the brand a strong color story to enhance shop ability, and we incorporated iconic shapes and a disciplined architecture that featured it’s certifications and ingredients. Our design gave Alpine Valley a bigger, brighter, more modern voice and personality.

Garden Lites

Classic Cooking / Garden Lites

Veggies get a raw deal. Especially when you consider all that they do for us nutritionally. When Classic Cooking hand-picked BAKER we set out to change that mentality by growing Garden Lites reputation for fantastically flavored flora with a refreshing visual update that looked as amazing as their products tasted.

Amplifying everything from the logo presence to ingredient photography, BAKER reshaped “The DELICIOUS Vegetable Company” into a bright and lively brand with a affably appetizing outlook prepared to cultivate customer satisfaction at every branding touchpoint.


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Moeller / Archbishop Moeller High School

Remarkable is not easy, and it is not for everyone. However, for over 50 years Moeller High School in Cincinnati has been consistently turning out alumni like Ken Griffey Jr. and John Boehner who are exactly that – remarkable. So when rivals began labelling Moeller as a school just for jocks BAKER helped craft an intelligent response that stayed true to the integrity of their brand: “Education for the whole man; mind, body and spirit within a community of brothers.”

To see how the Men of Moeller reacted to their new brand identity, check out the Moeller Brand Launch video on YouTube.

Sandy Hook Promise

Sandy Hook Promise Pins


When the parents of the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary banded together to form a powerful coalition for social change we were happy to raise our hands and pledge to help make a difference.


Turning tragedy into transformation. To some that may seem like an audacious goal, out of reach in the modern political climate. Yet to those who believe and are willing to lend a hand this dream never seemed more within reach. By harnessing the powerful passion and unequivical emotion, Baker was able to help give the victims a voice by developing a branded social movement with the ability to achieve real, lasting change.

While many options were offered and carefully considered, the final selected logo was chosen for its simplicity and inherent symbolism: A central hand being raised as if to say “I have the answer” or “I pledge to make a difference” is also a nod to the educational classroom where this unthinkable tragedy took place. 26 hands (20 dark green for students, 6 light green for adults) pay tribute to those whose lives were taken and will never be forgotten. Together the hands form a tree, a timeless emblem of both growth and new life taking root.


Many hands, once voice. A fundamental challenge within any branding project is ensuring consistency across multiple mediums, agencies and media outlets – a challenge exponentially compounded when unleashing an identity into the public and asking for socially interactive collaboration. To protect the brands integrity in addition to the logo Baker also created a comprehensive brand guide that could be used to introduce the Sandy Hook Promise brand and prevent unintended misuse as it ventured out into the world.


The end is just the beginning. Following the successful launch of the Sandy Hook Promise in early 2013 Baker has continued to help develop programs and branded communications to help aid the Sandy Hook Promise in the fight against potential gun violence. It is our passionate belief as parents in particular and people in general that we can all make a difference if we just simply choose to raise our hand and speak up for our fellow man.

Start With Hello is an educational program created to bring people together, encouraging communities to bond and look out for one another. The program teaches students how to reach out and include individuals who may be dealing with social isolation, building a culture of inclusion and connectedness within their immediate sphere of influence.

Baker worked hand in hand with the Sandy Hook Promise to develop a unified identity for the Start with Hello program as well as other educational materials needed to engage with students and educators alike. The full range of work included campaign materials, t-shirts, printed guide books for educators and student leaders, powerpoint presentations and brochures all designed to cohesively harness the power of community.

Say Something is an educational awareness program offering people the tools to help recognize the signs of a potential threat (with an emphasis on social media) and encouraging students to take action and speak up when they do notice those signals. Baker helped the Sandy Hook Promise launch this audacious campaign with a bilingual toolkit of printed and online media resources as well as emotionally resonant videos showcasing examples of students being a powerful voice making a significant difference in their communities.


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Hormel® Black Label® Bacon



Building on the wildly successful packaging Baker had designed for Black Label’s new line of thick cut, naturally hardwood smoked bacon, Hormel was looking to reinvigorate their core offerings with the same meaty authenticity that was already making consumers squeal.


For over 100 years Black Label Bacon had been leading the American bacon industry in quality and product innovation. It was time for the Black Label brand to celebrate that experience – to reflect the company’s pride in heritage, innovation, and craftsmanship that had kept these little piggies flying off the shelf for over a century. Baker explored a range of 3 ways in to telling the storied brand’s epic tale that authentically conveyed the brand experience consumers had come to know and love from this prime purveyor of premium porcine products.



Through a diverse range of design concepts stemming from our Brand.Think platforms, Baker explored a variety of ways to infuse the distinctly Black Label attitude across a broad portfolio of products.

Finding a new home for the Hormel logo within the updated Black Label brandmark made the two previously disparate elements work more succinctly to support one another. Together the two brands can now travel alongside one another as a singular lockup across a vast array of media touchpoints harnessing and amplifying the best attributes from each of the beloved household names. Rich, gritty textures complete the now moodier, harder working, blue collar, Black Label brand experience.



After rounds of testing it was time for the reinvigorated Black Label packaging to finally hit the shelves. Utilizing subtley smoky silvers for base products and glossy metallic golds to distinguish premium offerings, the entire extended line mixes a medley of matte blacks with vibrant colors to highlight the audaciously awesome flavor profiles; ensuring that this little piggy went to market riding high on the hog!


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The stresses of demanding workloads, training and competition can do a number on a dedicated dogs digestive system, which is why performance canines require nourishment that works as hard in the field as they do.

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Nature’s Own

For over a decade the good people at Flower’s Foods have been trusting BAKER with everything the Nature’s Own brand kneads. So when it came time for America’s favorite soft variety bread to refresh their packaging and look like the leader they are, we were happy to rise to the challenge.

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Bauer Hockey

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Cheerios Cereal / General Mills

By unifying all brand marks, product positioning and placement, and key news areas on the package, consumers were led to have a richer brand experience. Through this strategic and thoughtful redesign, BAKER created the opportunity for a Cheerios brand destination at shelf.

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